Tax Line Resolution was formed as new entity extending out of Leonard & Associates, CPAs in Oak Park, Illinois. Ben Leonard, Founder, began Leonard & Associates, CPAs over 35 years ago. The firm has remained a family business with Michael Leonard, Ben’s son, managing the major aspects of the firm for over 15 years

Today, the family business atmosphere at Leonard & Associates creates an environment where clients get very personal attention. The Tax Line Resolution company is no different

You see, Tax Line Resolution actually began as a service to current clients of Leonard & Associates who ran into issues with the IRS. The fact is that if you live in the United States and make any amount of money at all, you’ll eventually have some issue with the IRS.

What we have found in helping our clients get resolutions is that we were very good. Having had former IRS agents employed in the past, our knowledge of how to do the research quickly and communicate effectively with IRS agents during the process made us extremely successful at getting favorable resolutions for our clients

The process and procedures we developed with this knowledge has given some of our clients a tremendous advantage when getting resolutions to their tax related problems.

Since we have personally seen the relief our clients get when their problems are resolved, we thought we might be able to help even more people to get results. We know we provide a better solution for people with tax liens, wage garnishments, unpaid tax liabilities, and people who want a more personal approach, than some of the nameless tax resolution firms in existence today.

We know that because some people really have unique situations. We can provide a unique service to help them get resolutions that will work with their present set of circumstances.